Friday, November 17, 2006

What about the others?

Finally, a chance to catch my breath! A whole week of break looms before me and though I have lots of papers to grade, I am thankful for a chance to slow down. Hannah and I are planning to try and rethink her little room so that it is multi-girl friendly. Currently she has a small room with my old queen bed and a desk. As the summer went along, I could tell that this configuration wouldn't work long term for she and Kristina. Inevitably, one would end up sleeping on the floor or the couch by morning. Both of them are "wandering" sleepers and couldn't stay on one side for the duration of a night. We have one twin mattress and I think we can manage to purchase one more. But with nothing extra for furniture, we will need to be creative. I think paint will go a long way and Hannah has a creative mind. We have the whole week to figure it out!

We are almost at the one month count down mark! I know the time will both drag and fly by at moments. I think about the other children who will not be experiencing Christmas as we know it. It will be just another day for them, no promise of a gift or special meal. Frontier Horizon is working to let these orphans know that Christmas is a celebration for everyone. They are collecting Christmas Wishes through their website. A twenty five dollar "wish" will provide one child with food, clothing, and the opportunity to choose a gift, maybe a doll, toy, or radio. This small amount of money goes so far in Ukraine. I think about the meaingless "stocking stuffers" I waste money on each year. This year wouldn't it mean more to give a wish in the name of a loved one? Consider giving the gift of kindness to a child who needs to know that Christmas is not just another day, its a promise of hope.