Monday, September 01, 2008

Bloggin' in a Hurricane

Who knew the first opportunity I would have to get online and blog would be during Hurricane Gustav? Well, Kristina is experiencing her first hurricane with nonchalance. Power is still on and internet is still connecting. The house we're in survived Hurricane Katrina three years ago, but needed a new roof and porch by the time it was all said and done. We've been blessed to skirt much of the severe weather. We're roughly 90 minutes north of New Orleans, and just a few miles east of the violent outer bands of the right side of the storm. Lots of wind and rain so far and some concern about tornadoes is what we're leery of at this point. We considered heading back to Florida yesterday to avoid the possibilities of what Gustav promised to bring, but one look at the interstates in any direction out of here and we knew we wouldn't get out without getting stuck in the gridlock. Friends from Florida have been texting and calling over the past few days to gauge our needs. Wanted to let everyone know we're fine. We'll check in again later.