Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Things have gone too smoothly for too long. Remember that little piece of paper I mentioned a few posts back? Well its been over three weeks and we still don't have it. The last piece of paper!!! We are trying to figure out an alternative to this paper since the people who have it are being soooo difficult. I broke down and cried after my last phone conversation with them this afternoon. At some point in the convesation I felt like shouting, "Don't you know what this is for? There's a little girl sitting and waiting for us! She has been stuck in the orphanage for three weeks longer than she had to because of you!" I know that's not true though. God is in control even when people place road blocks in our way. I need to toughen up. I know there's much ahead of us that will throw us for a loop. Okay, I feel better. Please pray for this to be resolved so our dossier will be complete and we can mail it to Ukraine. Kristina's waiting.


Tami said...

Uuuugh! How frustrating. We'll be praying for you to be able to get this resolved quickly...or that someone will in that office will be able to get you what you need. Hang in there!

Kimbell and Mark said...

Hey Leslie - I can't figure out how to email you directly - so I'll just give you our blog here - ukraineadopt.blogspot.com

Now - get 'er home!! And yes - our daughter was Kristina's age when she came home. We met her a few days before her 10th birthday - brought her home at 10 years 5 mos!!! Hang in there - it's all so worth it - I just tucked Anastasia in - read FANCY NANCY - one of our favorites!!!

Melissa E. said...

Which paper is it? I know how you feel. From awesome highs to hopeless lows... What a roller coaster, right? I have had my bouts with despair and so has Steve but I remember thinking last time I felt that way that I was glad he wasn't down at the same time as me; I was sure I wouldn't have been able to handle that!
We will pray for you!