Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gifts . . . and its not even Christmas!

Several of you have emailed recently and asked how you can tangibly help kids like Kristina. She is the face of literally thousands of children in Ukraine. Most who have no one coming for them. There are a handful of organizations that I feel comfortable recommending. I know that the money or donations you provide actually goes to feed, clothe, and improve the living conditions of these children.

An Orphan's Bright Star - OBS has several projects going on right now. The Teterevka orphanage food need is urgent. Six dollars a month can feed one of the eight five boys housed there. Six dollars.

Frontier Horizon - this is the organization that I personally traveled with last spring. I've seen the money put to use. They are gearing up for their annual Christmas Wishes campaign. Consider choosing an orphan child to bless or have you office, church, or school sponsor several kids. Click on the Help tab on their website for more opportunities.

Operation Ukraine - OU works with orphanages in Artemivsk. They provide everything from formulas for infants at the baby house to construction projects for orphanage buildings that are crumbling around the children who live there.

UAC Ukraine - Clara Pascal has worked tirelessly for decades to change the lives of Ukrainian orphans. Her organization is unique in that they offer hope to orphans aging out of the system into an unknown future. Through the UAC Scholarship program, these kids have the opportunity to learn a trade and build a future for themselves. It is an chance to break the cycle of poverty and escape the statistics that await these kids. Fifty-seven dollars a month buys a nice dinner or a teen's chance at a life of dignity.

Many of us are bombarded with requests for donations every day through media and print and its difficult to know where to invest our gifts. The important thing is that we do something. What seems insignificant to us can make such an impact in the life of a child who thinks no one cares for him. It really does make a difference!


Kimbell and Mark said...

Yeah - your dossier is there!!! Every little step gets your closer to bringing her HOME! Her email broke my heart. Know that I pray for you and Kristina often as I talk our precious Anastasia in bed. We never thought we were going to get her home - but she did make it home - and now it seems as if she's been here forever. Thanks for being such an advocate for so many precious kids in Ukraine!

Nataliya said...

Oh, thank you so much for such a great list! It feels so good to be able to help some of those kids.

Hopefully your dossier will be submitted VERY SOON! I keep my fingers crossed for you!

John & Hannah said...

Hi, Leslie,

I just ran across your story, videos, and blog today! It is wonderful that you are going to be adopting Kristina. There are so many wonderful orphans in Ukraine who are longing for a mom and dad more than anything in the world. It's one of their biggest needs, but so many will never gain it. Thank you for being an answer to one girls prayer!

I have been working with orphans in Ukraine for the past year and am excited to hear that you are involved in adoption. When I saw your post listing ministries that work with the orphans of Ukraine I knew I had to tell you about the organization I recently joined; Orphan's Hope. You can visit their web site at www.OrphansHope.org Their heart is to do all they can for these lonely, hurting children. They have also begun an adoption program that I would highly recommend. Visit www.OrphansHope.org/adoptions to learn more.

Thanks so much for sharing yoru journey and making the difference in the life of an orphan.


Melissa E. said...

I think what we really all want to give these family-less children is hope. Hope that "someone, somewhere, knows I'm here, that I exist, and am human and cares about me". Sometimes meeting the basic human needs: food, clothes, etc..., can accomplish this.

Even more human than all of that is the need to belong and be loved. I hope that because of the awareness that has been raised by your determination and love for Kristina, that more of these children will be blessed with families willing to welcome them to forever homes.

Kristina is a very blessed little girl to have a family like yours to pursue her with such passion and love.

Sometimes it's hard to see God working; sometimes it's hard not to see Him.