Sunday, December 02, 2007


Sorry for the brief disappearing act. Well, we're still in Odessa. The passport wasn't ready on Friday, so we will hope and pray for Monday. We moved from our apartment in with Lisa and Michelle, missionaries here in Odessa. To say that the change has been beneficial would be an understatment. While we had everything we needed in our little apartment, we were sorely missing fellowship. Staring at the walls was making me more homesick; so I jumped at Michelle's generous offer.

We brought our things over in the morning and then headed to the orphanage. Kristina wanted to spend a little more time with her groupa and I wanted to see the children as well. We spent the bulk of the day doing craft with Michelle in class 6 and playing games with the children from Kristina's class. Back at the apartment, we made homemade pizza and Apple Crisp for dinner. It was good to just sit and visit.

We don't have much planned today, just a quick trip to the market and maybe one of Michelle's movies (in English!). If we get word tomorrow that the passport is ready, we'll take the night train into Kiev and then should fly home on Thursday or Friday. Please continue to pray for us as we are terribly homesick and trying to patiently wait on God's timing.


Tami said...

I'm coming Leslie!! We're on our way!!! ;)

Vicki said...

Leslie, I so look forward to meeting Kristina. I'm completely in love with her smile. We're praying for safe travel, and soon! Vicki

junglemama said...

Wishing you Godspeed as I'm sure your ready to come home.

Unknown said...

Leslie - I am praying you already have your passport in hand as I type this. I hope you are on your way to Kiev and on your way home! I'm praying! hugs, Beth