Monday, March 03, 2008

How Do You Solve a Problem WITH Kristina?


Melissa E. said...

It must take her all week to get her homework done!!

Ha ha! Math is hard enough without having to mentally translate everything! That girl might benefit from some flashcards!

What will the next title be:

"How do you solve a problem near Kristina"?


"How do you solve a problem from Kristina"....


Leah Spring said...
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Leah Spring said...

HA! I love it! Take the language issues, add a little bounciness, and a lovely personality...roll them all up and you come up with a lovely young lady who is a hoot to watch blossoming in her new family! WAY TO GO! (and Kristina, I never did understand simplifying fractions. LOL)

Tami said...

UGH! Fractions! It's the same in ANY language! :) I'm so glad to see she's doing so well. What a trick that is to work on your English while you do a math problem. ;)

rachel said...

what an enthusiastic mathematician!!

wow is she learning. good for her (and you!).
would little manipulatives help her when
she's stuck... little beads, beans or toothpicks?
our son (although much younger), used them to understand math better, so helpful to us.

as always, good luck and thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

She has an infectious smile and personality doesn't she? Of course. Oh and does she ever know it doesn't she? Yep. :) Will have to learn some math though. Good luck to you both! Actually to the entire family.

Robert N. Landrum said...

I haven't asked Leslie if I could share this story--I hope its' okay. I noticed that Kristina would always go for the bigist slice of cake, pizza, or last piece of whatever (who doesn't right?) in a kind of survival of the fitist, agreesive way. This did not really bother me as much as the elememt of selfishness that was laced in there. One of our kids Joshua would litteraly give you the shirt off of his back. And kristina cashed in on that. So I explained to her how it is better to give than to receive. I taught her what is meant by the "first shall be last and the last shall be first. And how God is pleased with such an attitude. This "problem" was easily solved by her. She is extreemly intelligent--more than she is selfish. I gave her a test to see if she understood and that I was not being pacified. I took her to breakfast and intentionally sliced this giant cinnamon roll unevenly, in an obvious way. I said choose! She reached for the smaller and so I stoped her. "You choose wisely" I said. And then gave her the bigger slice, going back over our lesson. I have not seen her act in any other way since but I hear her always say "just give me the smaller one" when the kids split something up. One other ongoing thing is that I asked how much of her allowance she was going to put in the offering at church. She got a penny out of her purse. I said "is that all?" "you know God returns more than what you give. She dug out more money. After church she repeated what I told her and said, "Where's my return?"

Unknown said...

Hey Kristina.
How are you doing? I know what is math, believe me. How is your english come up? When do you have a spring break?

Hello everyone. How are you doing with new daughter and with math? Ha-ha-ha...

Do you know that Ashley is going to Ukraine for Grisha, March 13th. Isn't its amazing?

Kristina s 8 Marta tebya. Ya znay chto v Amerike neprazdnuyt etot prazdnik, no vseravno pozdravlyau tebya.

Anonymous said...

Every time I revisit this journal I receive an uplift and an inspiration. Go guys!
Thank you David