Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Another Day in the Landrum House

Robert is the king of breakfast. He's been up well before the rest of us and has had something different cooking each morning in the last week. Much to the kids' chagrin, he also enjoys waking them up to let them know breakfast is ready. He tiptoes into their rooms, positions himself just so, takes a deep breath, and crows. Yes, crows. Like a rooster. Well, you can imagine how well this goes over with 5 adolescent kids!

Yesterday we were treated to a taste of home when he made beignets and Cafe Au Lait. We picked up a box of mix last time we were at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Beignets never taste quite the same unless you're sitting on the crowded patio under the green and white awnings with a musician playing jazz music in the background, but we made do.

Father's Day was low key. We went to church, ate lunch out, and spent the rest of the day tinkering around the house. Robert and Kristina made cupcakes and then realized we didn't have frosting, so we made a run to the grocery store. Robert made Manwich for dinner. I never have been a fan, but the kids like it. As Kristina polished off her's she asked, "Dad, can I have another Man Sandwich?"

We laughed at the things the kids say quite a bit. Kristina wanted to know why the boys keep telling her to pull their finger. Ugh! My advice? Don't do it! Don't pull the finger. Robert is jotting down the silly things they say and posts them periodically here. During family devotions the other night, we were discussing heaven and debunking some myths about what that will be like. Kristina wanted to know if God would speak Russian. I thought that was an endearing question and it made me think about my dear friend Alicia from Honduras. I loved that whenever we prayed together, she would always pray in Spanish. We encouraged Kristina to speak to God however she could best express herself. God hears our requests even when we cannot find the words for what we need to say. What a comforting thought.

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.
- Romans 8:26


ArtworkByRuth said...

I cannot imagine awaking to crowing, real or human. Glad you all had a great father's day! God Bless!

Heidi and Felix said...

I do that, too! It must be a guy thing! It's especially fun with sleeping teens...they like to sleep until noon, so they are easy targets! I agree about Cafe Dumond, I have been there many times. Being a native Louisianian, I have my family send me Community Chicory coffee and Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning. I try to make dishes here in Colorado but it's not the same as being back home.

It was sweet...what you said about God listening in whatever language. I imagine him listening to my girls pray for us in Russian as we pray for then in English.

I'm a military guy, but I'm glad the cold war is over. I would have never met Z & R otherwise...hmmnnn, another one of God's plans!


Heidi and Felix said...


In reply to your comment on our blog...

I too lived in Slidell just after I graduated from Louisiana Tech University. My house there was off of Bayou Liberty Rd. But, I did not grow up there. My hometown (and where I still call home) is Natchitoches. I miss it, my Dad still lives there as do all of his family. My 19 year old daughter is there, going to Northwestern State University (see "Our college girl" picture at the bottom of our blog). I couldn't live or work there, jobs.

Gotta go 14 yo daughter is still sleeping and it's 10 am. Time to go do the Rooster thing, hee hee hee!


Kathy and Matt said...

Robert is wise to be jotting down all those great comments from the kids. I need to start the same, especially as we get some silly ones from Leeza.

Ashley said...

Looks like I need to come over for breakfast...mmmm....yummy! I would love having someone cook me breakfast every morning. What a great hubby...too sweet. :)