Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hello Goodbye

Sorry it's been so long since we posted. So much has been going on here! The girls are all home from college and so our evenings have been occupied with three more in the house. These are all girls I taught in high school several years ago. We formed a bond that only strengthened once they graduated and went their separate ways to colleges here in town, on the East coast, and on the West coast. But every Christmas, Spring Break, and summer we end up together again for countless movie and game nights, our regular dinner at Kobe's, and runs to Jeremiah's for ice cream. I am so blessed to be part of these girls' lives. They're truly members of our family and blend right in whether we're cooking biscuits in the kitchen or teaching the kids a new card game.

It's not all fun and games though; we've gotten a lot of work done here on the house lately. The attic has been completely cleaned out. All the closets have been purged. The boys have been working in the yard and have pressure washed the sidewalks and driveway. I found this message for me one morning:

Its hard to believe that Kristina first joined us for a summer that changed all of our lives two years ago. This summer Frontier Horizon arranged for over 100 orphans to be hosted by families in the US and among them is Kristina's best friend Karina. The girls have chatted on the phone several times in the last few weeks. Kristina has missed Karina so much. She felt she would never again see the girl who was like a sister to her all those years in the orphanage. There was a real sense of relief when they were able to reconnect. Karina is being hosted by a family in Mississippi, so as it turns out, they'll be able to see each other as well.

You see, tomorrow is our last day in Florida. We're moving home to Mississippi. As it turns out, Karina will only be a 90 minute drive from our new home. That information set Kristina to dancing. We know God has been ordering things, we just haven't been sure to what end. A Mississippi school I had applied at over a year ago called me out of the blue about a teaching position. Long story short, I couldn't pass it up. Robert also received a call to preach again at Ellisville Presbyterian. He has some leveling work to do before he embarks on his PhD, so we'll be spend that time in Mississippi surrounded by old friends and family. We are incredibly sad to be leaving St Paul's, the best church we've ever been part of, but we know God has used our experience there to prepare us for the work that lies ahead.

So we begin a new chapter in our journey with a little sadness, much anticipation of a what lies ahead, and great trust in a God who has always guided our steps for our good and His glory. Please pray for us as we make adjustments and get settled in. We'll have some important decisions to make that will require great wisdom. We'll keep you posted on our transition!

"For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope."
- Jeremiah 29:11


Gryphonette said...

I'm so accustomed to thinking of y'all being in Florida, it's going to be really strange thinking of y'all being in Mississippi instead!

Praying for travel mercies for you, and a smooth transition.

How amazing that the LORD has worked it out so Kristina and Karina can get together! ;^)


Leslie said...

That makes two of us, Anne! Hey, we'll be closer neighbors this way!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Good to hear from you - but I know how crazy life can be, so I totally understand the difficulty in blogging regularly :)

This move sounds like wonderful opportunities for your family - how exciting! Praying God's blessings on the change.

BTW, not sure if I told you or not, but we have a new blog now... http://littleboydove.blogspot.com. Not much writing, it's mainly pics of William. But thought I'd share with you!


Anonymous said...

Mississippi...won't that be fun to write on your envelopes?

Wow! what a big change. good thing you got all that work done--or, maybe that's why you've been doing it. Either way, it's nice to have closets and attic out of the way.

I hope your new "Adventure" is full of amazing surprises--the good kind, of course!

The O'Haras said...

I must admit, the changes that God does in our lives is incredible. So often we want to hold onto what we know. God wants us dependent on Him. I know that lip service is easy, the walk is what is hard. We all step out in faith through out life. As long as we don't stop stepping, God will continue to mold us into the vessels he has intended us to be in eternity.
Looking forward to you sharing the excitement of these new changes as well as the challenges!

Rachael said...


Ashley said...

Of course, this makes ME HAPPY! I have been hoping all along that you would move here! Grisha will love having Kristina here. She will be someone from his home and someone he grew up with. I hope Karina will be able to live here as well. That would just be AWESOME! Please let me know when you get settled and when we can get together. I know you have a lot going on. Where will you be staying? I know you are from Hattiesburg and not sure if that is where you will move or not, though. I will go wherever to meet you. :) I am so happy and congratulations on coming home! Are the kids having a hard time with moving?


I know it won't be the same without your girlfriends from FL, but I am up for a Starbucks date whenever you are. If you'd like to, of course.

Vicki said...

We hate to see you go, but you're going to where my heart still lives... Don will be most envious of your move-- he wants to sell everything we own (except for his hunting gear) and move to the woods of Mississippi. If I thought I could adjust to the slower pace, I'd give it some consideration, but for now, I'm lovin' Florida. Let us know where you end up-- maybe we can visit on a hunting trip?

Heidi and Felix said...

Leslie and family, Congrats! My family all lives in central Louisiana. Perhaps we can get together when we make a trip home next time. Hopefully by then, we will have a few Ukrainians in tow.

I assume that we will not hear from you until you get there and established, so we will see ya on the other side. God bless you all and keep you safe.

Get a farm house with some chickens so your hubby doesn't have to crow in the mornings :)


Nataliya said...

Wow, congratulations!!! How exciting!

Thank you for your kind comment! I had a lot on my plate recently and didn't realize it's been a long time since I updated my blog!

Kathy and Matt said...

Wow, so many big changes, but they all sound wonderful!

How nice for Kristina to be so close to her friend. God is so amazing.

Blessings on your family as you make these moves!

Anonymous said...

Oh Leslie,
I didn't know it would be so soon. I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to hug you one last time. Thank you for everything. I am so thankful that God put you in my path to help me along a rough journey. Please keep in touch. I'll miss you so much. I already do.

Goes On Runs said...

what?! but we are coming to florida to visit....we'll pass each other along the way once again. hugs to you and your family...... so much for an english teacher lunch. will miss you!

Leslie G said...

Howdy new neighbor!
uh-oh! Two Leslie's in MS now. How will people keep us straight?

After you are settled, you, me and Ashley need to get together!!!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your move, and seeing some updates.

We are members of the newly formed PCA church in McComb.

Annie said...

God seems to be working in wonderful ways for you. Alleluia!

Anonymous said...

It is so good to find you back on the air. The story of your family is an absolute inspiration.
God Bless,
David Cottrell www.ukraineorphans.net