Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mom, Look What I Can Do!!!

I blame Debbie and Tami for teaching me in the first place, but I have learned how to make my own blog headers (like the one above) and backgrounds!!! It's a good thing this is a three day weekend. Now I have time to play around and see what I can create. Robert hates the current pink layout. He thinks it looks like a 12 year old's blog. I think he's just jealous. After all, he did ask me if I could custom create one for him. I'm working on my fourth layout for Kristina's Story. He'll just have to wait!!!


Tami said... its time to return the favor! :) How do you make the background. I gotta know.

Tami said...

Sorry...forgot to add....LOVE the new header and background. I think you're right...Robert's just jealous! :)

Annie said...

Hi L.
Thank you for sending me those links. But how did you put the header? Did you used "scrapblog"? I can't figure out how to put that on my blog. Can you help me, please?

Sheryl said...

Wow! It's so neat how you have your pictures in the header. Teach me, Teach me!

MamaPoRuski said...

And I want to know how you added the SNOW! LOL!

Annie said...

Hi L.
I did tryed scrapblog already. How do you saved as an image?

Annie said...

Where can I find that file?

Annie said...

I found the export thing, but now I don't now where it saved. Do you know where it's supose to be saved?

Annie said...

Thank you sooo much L.
I finally figured out. And sorry if I bothered you too much.

Thank you again. God bless you my friend.

Robert N. Landrum said...

Not a pink one!

Matthew Nasekos said...

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Heidi and Felix said...

OK, see you started something! Now I gotta know...Please!


Anonymous said...

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