Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kristina is Here

To view the video full screen, just double click the small video window below after the video starts.


Kim said...

Everybody needs a good cry! U - what beautiful music you choose. Thank you for capturing these moments for Leslie & Robert as well as for Kristina. They are priceless. Leslie - your smile, her embrace, what a great reminder of how little it takes to make a life changing difference for someone by simple opening our hearts and showing God’s love. You inspire me!

cindy said...

Leslie and Robert - Thank you for allowing us to peek into your moment. I agree with Kim - I love a good cry.

patti said...

All I can think about is how she epitomizes what we are to Christ...orphans turned into children of the king. Leslie, your look to her of such love showed me the King! xoox P