Monday, September 04, 2006

On the Same Page

It's strange around our house. I was folding clothes and found a pair of Kristina's pajama pants that were forgotten in the packing process. It was just a reminder that she's not here anymore. I stood in Hannah's doorway and watched Joshua sleep last night. Yeah, Hannah moved out of her room the day after Kristina left. She asked Josh to trade rooms with her. I figured it was only temporary. So Josh is sleeping alone in Hannah's big bed and Sis is sleeping on the pull out in the boys' room. I'm letting the kids adjust in the way that they need. It makes me wonder how Kristina is adjusting. I wonder if she is cherishing her memories or blocking them out to cope with the differences.

Robert cooked breakfast for all of us yesterday morning before church. "Its a sign!" he called from the kitchen. "What's a sign?" I said. "There were seven sausages in the package. That's a sign," he said with a big smile as he stirred the eggs. Of course he meant it in a funny way, but it was confirmation that Robert and I are in agreement with all of this.

Samuel was rummaging through a box in my room earlier today. "What are you looking for?" I asked. "I need something to keep my money in," he said without looking up at me. "What money?" I said. "The money I earn for Ridgecrest summer camp . . . and for Kristina," he said still not looking up. It's an unspoken understanding in our house. She will be coming back, some way, some how.

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