Friday, October 20, 2006

The Journey of the Soul

One of my best friends leaves in two weeks for India. She will be working with orphans there for a month. I envy and admire her all at the same time. I want to go with her and see what she sees. I want to meet the children and experience the uniqueness of another culture. I credit my friend Kathy with introducing me to the beauty of the history of other places. I crave other places now. There is an exhilaration in the sensory feast coupled with the initial fear of a foreign land. I took a group of students to London before my trip to Ukraine and Robert joked that he wondered if I would return.

But more than anything, I long to feel what I know lies ahead for Kim. The joy and the pain of connecting with the needs of others in service for the King is priceless. I remember sitting in the backseat of Dima's car after leaving the baby hospital. I tried my best to weep quietly so that he and Oksana wouldn't notice, but I was raw after touching those abandoned and dying babies. When she looked back and saw me, I was ashamed of my display of weakness. But I am thankful that I was allowed to see it. It changed me. I know Kim will be changed as well. I was only in Ukraine for a few days. She will be in India for a month and will be even more intertwined in their lives than I was allowed. Pray for Kim as she prepares for her journey.

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