Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life at Warp Speed

I feel as though I need to apologize each time I start an entry. I know there are people out there who have kept up with this blog for the last few months. Since Kristina's return to Ukraine, the posts have been few and far between. You should know that's not because there's nothing to say in her absence. Rather, my life seems to have swallowed me up again as school is in full swing. Strangely, I am noticing this for the first time. I am seeing just how taxed my time is, how little time I have for my family, how utterly exhausted I seem to be all the time. It makes me question the pace I travel at and to what end that race seems to be. I spent the summer focused on cultivating family and meaningfully connecting with one another. My current life doesn't allow me to do that. How do I change that? How do I make my life about what is important?

The group traveling to Ukraine arrived this morning. I was able to send an envelope with a few girl magazines, some gum, lip gloss, stickers, and paper dolls (remember those?!). It's not a lot, but I know it will mean so much to her. Please lift the team up in prayer as they minister this week and seek to meet the countless needs of these children. Pray for me as I seek to find balence in my life.

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