Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Passage of Time

Its strange to me that we often mark time by events in our lives. "It was three years after Aunt Lynn died" or of course, something less morbid. But marking time related to events with Kristina has taken on a whole life of its own in our house. Its been a week since we spoke to her on the phone and wished her a happy birthday. A whole week! It feels like a lifetime.

I remember reading blogs of other adopting families and noting their time frames in their writing. Some of them had been in the process of adoption for two or more years. I always wondered how that could be. How could so much time pass in the process and how were their hearts still steadfast on adopting this unidentified child? And for the families (like us) who knew their future son or daughter, what could possibly keep them from making the journey. Well, now I know. Now we are one of those families that has spiritually adopted a child into our family, yet have waited almost a whole year for the process to come to fruition. Now I understand how much of what is involved in adoption is beyond our control. Adoption is such a journey of faith; I don't see how unbelievers walk this path.

Our home study meeting tomorrow will put to rest the last major hurdle of the paper trail for us. Now timing will be the issue of prayer. Pray that our paperwork will be submitted and approved in a timely fashion. Pray that we will receive a travel date that will (miraculously) allow the children to be grounded in their new school and me time from my new job. Oh, yes, and pray for a new job for me! Pray, pray, pray.

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