Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still Here!

Yes, we are still here and plugging away at the adoption process for Kristina. Lots happening this week. We should be finalizing the home study and can put that to bed. We have an appointment to have our fingerprints taken at the US Center for Immigration Services. This will be the third time we've been printed in the last 6 months! The FBI runs a check on prints beyond what the state level law enforcement does. There are many little pieces in this process. Perhaps the distraction of trying to stay on top of all the paper trails is what keeps us from losing it in the absence of our girl.

There are several families at Kristina's orphanage this week adopting children after their own long journeys. The missionary there wrote to let us know that Kristina had been weepy most of the week. It must be such a bittersweet experience, watching other families come for other children. Rejoicing over their new leases on life, but quietly wondering if things will work out for her. While I am sure she has hope waiting for us to come, the doubt remains. After a lifetime of let downs and lost dreams, its impossible to be otherwise.

Her birthday is on Wednesday the 18th. If you can spare of moment of prayer, please lift her up. Pray that this will be a day of hope and joy for her. Pray that it will be her last birthday without a family.


The Clinging Vine said...

Will be praying, and happy birthday to Kristina! ;^)

Anne in Fort Worth

coffeejunkie said...

Hi Leslie! I saw your vid on youtube while looking up adoptions. My dh and I are feeling like the Lord is calling us to adopt an older child internationally, yet finances seems to be a stumbling block. I was so moved and inspired by your story. We are praying for you and Kristina. We pray that she can come home soon. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story!

patti said...

I miss her and cant wait until she swims in our pool again!
It wil happen...beyond measure it will happen!