Friday, September 21, 2007

There's a Picture of Me in a Bikini on the Internet

Believe it or not, the headline is the least of the news I have to share. But I digress, let's try that again. Recently, I heard from a few of my high school classmates. Its been 18 years (eek!), and they created a website to reconnect everyone and plan for our upcoming 20th reunion. I checked out the site and was thrilled to read their stories and see pictures of the beautiful families they have been blessed with. There were plenty of pics of everyone from high school; graduation pictures, senior trip pictures, etc. (By etc. I mean the bikini picture. And no, I will not send you the link to the page). I sent an update on us and got a few messages from some of my closest friends, including my dear friend Kenny. My older brother and I were very close with Kenny's family throughout school. We hung out and watched Monty Python movies, went to the beach, football games. Kenny filled me in on how God has blessed all of them in the last years and how one of his brothers had recently adopted two. He said he wanted to bless us as well. On behalf of his church, he sent us a check that (once again) bridged the gap in our adoption finances. God is soooo good.

The other good news is that we have been abundantly blessed with recent pictures and updates on our sweet Kristina. My new BFF's in Ukraine have given us such a blessing. They found our little girl and took the time to visit with her, let her send a message to her family, and love on her for us. We were surprised by how much she has grown. It has been a year, but we see her maturing into a beautiful young woman before our eyes.


Nataliya said...

I really enjoyed seeing Kristina on the O'Hara's blog! Hopefully you'll be able to take her pictures yourself very soon!

Glad you reconnected with your classmates! We missed our 20th reunion, but our classmates in Odessa sent us lots of pictures. Though we didn't recognize some of them :)

Gryphonette said...

Oh my, that child has a smile that'd light up Manhattan Island! ;^)

Marvelous photos, and what a blessing about the check from the LORD - via your friend and his church - arriving like that.

Praying for your court date to hurry on up and GET here.

Anne in Fort Worth

Melissa E. said...

I LOVE that video! I mean, it's short and she's self-conscious but how nice to hear her voice and her darling accent! She looks so much more grown up in these photos!

Vicki said...

Leslie, her smile is so beautiful. I pray the days will pass quickly and that she'll be with your family soon. Vicki

Ashley said...

LESLIE!! I should have looked at this post first before commenting on your other post. I see now how she got on the internet. I love the video! I keep playing it over and over. I am sure you do, too. :) And she does look like she has grown a lot. Oh, how precious she is! Thank you for saying you'd take lots of pics of Grisha for me. I appreciate that so much! And how exciting that God has blessed you with the money you needed! I am so happy for all of you and I can't wait for you to bring sweet Kristina home!