Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weary Daughter

This letter was waiting in my inbox this morning. Her English gets better and better, but we've also observed her spirit grow weary in waiting for us. Its very hard for us to hear her discouragement and not be able to comfort her and assure her that we are coming for her.

Dear and beloving Mama!
Sorry for not writing for a long time. I am at the internot already but I wish i was in America.... How is Katleen ? (spell?) how is my class? Please, say hi to everyone. How are you, mom? I am not really doing good. I miss you and love you a lot. I can't wait until you come. Please, say hi to lera and her Mom.

Leslie Mama, is still long for you to do the documents? There are only 13 students in our class. All the others have gone to the families. There are only two girls in our class. Actually, one more but she lives at home and will be only coming to school here. It is so boring now: some just are sitting on the floor, some are playing, some are reading, some are having arguments, only I am writing. I am so bored and even don't know why. I didn't have time to write in the camp but I think that you are happy that I am writing now. I am happy for that too. I liked to be at home rather than in the camp. i have new photos you can see later when you come after me. If it's ok with you please write me back.
Your daughter,
I love you from the bottom of my heart.


Gryphonette said...

Okay, that made me cry.

Praying for the dossier to be translated accurately and quickly, and your court date set ASAP.

Anne in Fort Worth

Tami said...

That breaks my heart! I'm doubling my prayer effort asking God to speed things up so you can get to her and bring her home.

Melissa E. said...

Oh, what a gift a letter from her must be!
So precious that she can write to you-- and in English, too! How sweet her letter is.
The waiting must seem as long to her as it does to you for that paperwork to get done. I wish we could pack her in our bags and bring her back when we go!
I will pray for you and for her too.

Jim H. said...

This makes me sad because I remember getting similar letters and feeling so powerless to give our girls' reassurance. You and Kristina are being prayed for in Virginia.

Nataliya said...

I can't even imagine how hard it is for our kids in Ukraine to wait till we can bring them home. It's hard for the adults to understand why it takes so long, of course it's much harder for the kids. Hope your dossier will be submitted VERY soon.

Anonymous said...

We just got home yesterday but I couldn't wait to check your blog to see your progress. I'm so excited that your dossier is in Ukraine and you are one step closer to bringing your precious Kristina home. Thank you for all of your support while we were in Ukraine. Your comments did a lot to elevate our spirits. I will pray for a swift dossier submission and an even swifter appointment. It's time to bring your daughter home!!
Lisa Bush

Ashley said...

I am so glad you got a letter from Kristina! It makes me sad, though thinking of how they are living. I know this is hard on her being there when a lot of her classmates have gone. It makes me wonder how Grisha is feeling as well. Thanks for sharing her letter with us and I hope to be able to share one from our son really SOON!