Monday, October 08, 2007

The Countdown Begins

We're still here and making progress in tiny steps. I called our credit cards and informed them of when and where we will be traveling. I made reservations for our accommodations in Kiev and Odessa. I've started shopping for small necessities (converters, meds, etc). I'm going to start packing tomorrow. Yes, packing. Its still in the 90's here in Florida, so I think I'm safe packing our warm clothes. And speaking of warm attire, Natalyia, I got a pair of boots this weekend. I wouldn't want to embarrass you in Odessa!

We got this letter from Kristina today:
Dear Mama,
how are you? Today is October already, a second month of fall. I think I will soon see you. I miss you very much. Please, say hi to Hannah and my class and papa and Katleen, my best friend. I am saying hello to you too and sending you a kiss! My English is good. Today I am having a class. Even babushka Lela says I am her interpreter. When Alyona is not around I always translate to babushka Lela. I like to interpret both ways. I love you very much. I will pray so that we will see each other soon. Hannah, please don't cut your hair again, ok? Hannah, let's put on weigh with me and loose weigh with you! I love you very much.
Mama, I will read English fairy tales. I like them better than Russian, I give my word for that!
Have a very good day!

I laughed so hard! She kills me! How surprised she will be when we show up at the orphanage. I wrote her back and told her to start praying and we will see what God will do! Less than two weeks!


Nataliya said...

Leslie, you are hilarious! I think you did the right thing buying the boots :) Though I'm sure we won't be able to compete with the locals, at least we have to try, right?

What a nice letter from Kristina, I can't wait to see the picture (or video) of her when she sees you in 2 weeks!

Kim said...

I don't know who's smile will be bigger, yours or hers. As I'm sitting here reading, and crying, I wonder for whom the tears are flowing, you or her.

My dear, dear friend; I love you so much. No words can adequately express how I feel, but I know you understand. I am so happy for you, so in awe of your faith and so challenged by your capacity to give. You make me a better person by throwing open the doors of your heart and inviting me in. Thank you for being the woman God made in His image. Thank you for listening to His call. More than all of that, thank you for your obedience to Him. What and incredible example for not just your children and your friends, but the thousands of people who you witness to daily through what started as an experimental journal. There is no award that could capture the spirit of your actions; but the reward, both earthly and eternal, will be priceless.

Keep Goochland Beautiful! said...
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Jim H. said...

Those boots won't count unless they have some serious high heels!
And what about that ankle length fur coat my friend?

This letter is precious. Your blog club is praying for you like crazy!

Pam DeFrees said...

I am so excited about your adoption. I was given this web address by my new friend, Ashley Fumia, who is adopting Grisha (as you know). : )
I have been to the Ukraine the last 3 summers with my oldest son, Mike (who is almost 20). My 16 year old daughter, Dana, joined us this past summer for the first time. She and Kristina met and hit it off right away. Dana loves Kristina so much and will be so excited to read your web page. Kristina, OF COURSE, told Dana all about her American family and was very excited that she would some day live with you.
I just wanted to let you know we will be praying for you and your family as you go through all that is involved with the adoption process. I will spread the news to our school mission team who will join in prayer. The teachers and teenagers from San Antonio Christian school that have ministered in the Ukraine love these kids with all their hearts!!!

Ashley said...

Kristina is definitely going to get her prayers answered! PRAISE GOD!!!

Ashley said...

It is still in the 90's here as well so I can't imagine going from hot to cold.

Tami said...

I'm with you on the boot hunt.
Somehow I don't think my pair of Faded Glory hiking boots are going to work! ;) So I'm searching, but I have to admit I'm scared by the high heels! Just imagine me in high heeled Ukraine. Wow. I don't even wear high heels to church anymore! ;)

Pam DeFrees said...

Pam in Texas again....I just looked at some of the pictures of Kristina and I see she is wearing a colorful necklace. I THINK my daugher made that for her. : )

Unknown said...

Congratulations! We are awaiting our SDA appt and we are getting very nervous and excited at the same time!! Kristina is a beautiful young lady!! You are so lucky to get letters, photos and videos during your wait! Kristina's letters are precious and each one has made me cry for joy for all of you! We look forward to hearing about and seeing your reunion in a couple of weeks! Blessings ...