Sunday, December 16, 2007

My New Life

It was just a matter of time, right? I have a few blogs, Robert has 2 blogs, Hannah has a blog, our family has a blog. Even Jim's newly adopted daughter Anastasia has her own blog. So when Kristina came to understand the term "blog", she immediately wanted in. I debated over setting up her own blog and have decided to hold off for a little while. The computer is in enough demand nowadays. :) So here's her first draft from earlier this week on what she wanted to share.

Sunday I came from Odessa to America. I like my new home. America is not dirty and has good people. I like my family. My favorite thing is to have a family. And I have a family right now. In our family there are five children. When I lived with my mother in Ukraine I did not have brothers or sisters. Since Sunday I have brothers and a sister.

Tomorrow I am going to school. I had friends in the orphanage. My best friend in the orphanage is Karina I will miss her and my other friends. Some children in the orphanage are funny. But my papa is very funny. He yelled out Russian words all day. I am teaching him Russian. I love to teach my father Russian. I really like my new mama. She is so beautiful and papa is cute. We will have Christmas with my new grand parents in MS. My grandmother is very sweet. They gave me money for an allowance which I will save for a camera. I like my sister very much. Yesterday my brothers had their birthday.

I like High School Musical. Today mama bought me school supplies that say High School Musical. Yesterday we went to the pet store. I like a dog there. I cried for him because he does not have a home. But he can get adopted like me. Today I am going back to the pet store to pet a dog.

My papa asked me what I want for Christmas and I said I want High School Musical movie and my ears pierced. Papa said if I give him my ten dollars he will do it for me with his toothpick from lunch. (Robert offered to pierce her ears for her if she would give him her money!) I like to ride my new bicycle. We have a Christmas tree in our home. I have two pets. Jack and Jetta are cats. Jack is cute. He is fat. He catches snakes, mice, birds, and lizards. Jetta is slim and does not like to be picked up. She likes to be outside.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am emotional today as it is and then to read Kristina's entry ... all I can say is "WOW!" It really puts things in perspective. Thank you, Kristina, for the reminder!

You are a beautiful young lady and your spunky little personality is fun to read about! I am looking forward to reading more!


Debora Hoffmann said...

Thank you for sharing with us, Kristina. We are so thrilled that you are home with your family. We praise God for the blessings He has showered on you! (I love the picture of you with the puppy. He really likes you!)

Much love from Debbie and Garth in Colorado!

Ashley said...

Thank you for writing, Kristina! It was so nice reading about your new family. I am so happy for you. We have prayed for you for a long time and have been praying for you to come home. God is so good and He has answered all of our prayers. I know you will have a great Christmas! Keep writing! I love reading your sweet words.

Jim H. said...

Kristina -- you are so funny! Tell your parents you want some pet rats! They are very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Hale! Shame on you! I'll get you back for that!

Chris and Virginia said...

It's wonderful to keep up with your progress. What a great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts Kristina.

The video is so cute. Kristina's English is coming along well. I think it's great that Kristina is teaching Papa Russian. Maybe this will encourage her to keep her native tongue, and her accent is so cute.

Connie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog--we adopted our two Russian-born daughters (ages 9 and 12.5 at the time) in 2002.

I always enjoy reading how the Lord is building other familes through adoption! Congratulations!

junglemama said...

Thanks for sharing. Welcome home Kristina. My girls love HSM too! Kristina looked great on her first day of school!

Merry Christmas!