Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update From Robert

This will be a bit dry compared to what you have been reading.
Leslie is still stuck in Odessa (her word). They are still waiting on the passport. They have been without internet for two days now. She asks for continued prayer for a speedy process.
I hope there is no serious problem with the passport. But there may be. The facilitator left to go to Kiev understanding all was taken care of. She is now on the overnight train heading back to Odessa.
Leslie is the strongest, most loving, and good woman that I know. To say she is a living saint would do no injustice to the concept! I miss her. The kids miss her.
She has been relentless in accomplishing this mission. I don't want her to loose heart. So continue to pray for her and support her with your blog comments which are a great encouragement.
Robert N. Landrum


Kelly said...

Leslie, hang in there!!! You are not only on the home stretch, you're sort of quickly approaching the finish line in a dense fog. You might not see it, but it is JUST AHEAD! Enjoy this time with Kristina before you get back to the whole family, work, etc. Only God knows why there is a delay - but He DOES know. Perhaps these moments with only you and Kristina are more important than you know. Maybe there is someone who needs to meet you in these last days. Sometimes we never know. Just think, "Wow, something really interesting and wonderful must be happening because of this...wonder what that is?" - Kelly

Gryphonette said...

Leslie, we had to stay an additional night in Cheboksary and even go through an additional, truncated court appearance due to a snag with Dmitry's name on his new birth certificate.

And that was after having the court appearance postponed several hours on the previous day due to an error on his birth date by the Ministry of Education.

Point being, these snags are par for the course. I'd worry more if they didn't show up!

Once you start the journey home, now that's where you want smooth sailing. ;^)

Praying for y'all, and that whatever pesky wrinkle has popped up gets ironed out quickly, so you two can scoot on back here.

Anne in Fort Worth

Kimbell and Mark said...

It's always one more thing in Ukraine huh?? Hang in there - it's just like a hard and difficult delivery - it really sucks going through it - but once they're out (or on US soil) you're still kinda sore but you quickly start forgetting about all the pain. I"m praying for you sister. I know it's especially hard without your link to home - via intenet! Praying for peace and passport!! XO YOu hang in there too Robert!!!

Unknown said...

Leslie and Robert,

The Taylor's have you in their prayers. Hang in there!

Leslie, look for the gifts God has hidden for you in these long days of waiting with Kristina. He's knitting you together in a way that is perfect-- even though it seems frustrating, there are blessings for you in the waiting.

Much love to you all.

Melissa E. said...

We all love her! Pass it on, Robert! She has been such an encouragement to all of us along the way. We will be praying!

Debora Hoffmann said...

Leslie, Kristina, hang in there! We're praying for you! We'll just redouble our efforts. I'm glad you're there with Michelle and Lisa; they'll take good care of you.
Hugs from Colorado,
Debbie & Garth

Jim H. said...

Thank you Robert. Leslie has been such an encouragement to so many of us and I am honored to pray for this situation. This seems to be the pattern that Odessa adoptions become very problematic after the ten-day waiting period.

Robert N. Landrum said...

Sorry I can't remember Leslie's password. Leslie has the passport and is on the train to Kiev!

Kristen said...

Leslie, Robert, Kristina--
I'm adding my special prayers for the snag to be resolved quickly RIGHT NOW. Just know so many of us care, and are praying.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I love you Leslie! I'm praying for your speedy and safe return! Robert, I'll be praying for you and the kids "keeping the homelights burning"- I know it's hard on you all, too.
Lots of love,
Christine Zuclich

junglemama said...

Supporting each other is proof that God is in the midst of all this. Hoping that Leslie and Kristina come home soon.

Ashley said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Thank you, Robert, for the update. I know everything worked out and Leslie should be home now so I am very thankful for that. I know many people were praying and God is so amazing!