Sunday, April 13, 2008

Have You No Shame?

Apparently not because I continue to publish these videos. Okay, these clips are somewhat related. The purpose of this first one is two fold. First, it took us a little while before we figured out that our hotel keys did more than just open our door at Hotel Rus in Kiev. You have to insert the key card in a slot on the wall to turn the lights on. Additionally, the key card also has to be inserted in a slot in the elevator to make it go. The first time we got in the elevator, the doors closed and we just stood there. We pushed the button for our floor, but nothing happened. "Oh, great," I thought, "We just got to Kiev and we're trapped in an elevator. That'll make an interesting blog post." Eventually the doors opened and another couple got in, slid their card into the slot and off we went. "Ohhhhh," Robert and I murmured in unison. You'll see the card slot in the video. But I really want you to take a look at the Kiev city skyline. Notice the gold domed church in the distance. No, really notice how far away it is.

This next clip is the two of us climbing the last of many hills leading to that church dome in the video. Yes, we walked the entire way there and back. It was well worth the hike. We got to see the beautiful architecture of the city and burn off nervous energy as we had just completed our SDA appointment.

This final clip is of us after we had reached the church and were wandering the church grounds admiring the ancient buildings. Well, the rest is self explanatory.


Melissa E. said...

Leslie, I can't get the videos to play...Is it me?

Tami said...

Aaaah...the memories! :) Weren't those birds HUGE?! I had never seen black birds that big before. They freaked me out a little the first few days we were there.

Nataliya said...

The first time I've seen these key cards was in the hotel room in France. I went to the front desk to complain that I didn't have power and air conditioning in my room, but found out that I just need to insert the card into the slot!

Ashley said...

Who would have thought you needed the card key to make the elevator work? Thanks for sharing these memories with us.

And that looked like a VERY far walk to the church! Well, you got good exercise going there and then having to come right back. :) Hopefully I will be there before too long. :)