Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Time Flies

Things have NOT slowed down since we returned from Spring Break. I thought that I could catch my breath at the end of that first week, but not so. I am skipping school tomorrow to chaperon the girls' class field trip. They're going on their wet walk/dry walk. I volunteered for the dry walk. :)

Kristina continues to grow and amaze us. She experiences something new every day, things that we take for granted. She and Hannah went to Rock Springs yesterday to tube the cold clear waters with a group of girls from school. It was her first time swimming in the springs and she loved it. With the fabulous Florida weather, we've been cycling quite a bit lately. We made the twenty mile trek from our house up the Wekiva Trail and back. The magnolias are in bloom and Robert couldn't resist pulling down a giant creamy bloom for Kristina to get a whiff. Kristina is a fount of endless energy, so she enjoyed the workout the bike route provided.

Its hard to believe that I will have four in middle school next year! The girls brought home their schedule options for 6th grade classes. Kristina was flustered and excited over all the choices available to her. She settled on drama class, music, study skills, and PE for electives. The middle school has an amazing music program and she's excited to try out for an instrument. And, well, you know how dramatic she can be. I have a feeling drama class will be a good outlet for her.

She'll still be in ESOL Language Arts class, but she's mainstreamed for everything else. In fact, she's mainstreamed now with the exception of Language Arts. Her language skills confound us and we feel that perhaps God has gifted her in this area. At any given time, she has two novels in process, one in English and one in Russian. She just finished Little Women and Pollyana in Russian. We rented the Little Women movie after she finished the book. After viewing it, she declared the book was much better than the movie. A girl after my own heart!


Tami said...

I'm so glad she's able to keep up her Russian skills. Maddie's pretty much speaking in English and jibberish now. I miss hearing her jabber away at us in her Russian accent! :)

Melissa E. said...

My Hannah just last night told someone on the phone, "...well, the book is always better than the movie anyway."

You sound mighty busy! Have fun!

Nataliya said...

What a talented girl! She's definitely gifted in languages. The fact that she loves to read is awesome! I'm addicted to books, and I hope my girls will be the same way. My son is equally fluent in Russian and English (including reading and writing), but he doesn't have the desire to read in either language :(

I'm sure Kristina will excel in the music programs and the drama class - I bet she'll have the leading role in the High School production in a couple of years!

The twenty miles cycle trek sounds very exciting. I'm a little bit jealous because I can't ride a bike :( I'm trying to convince Oleg that it's OK to buy me training wheels :)

Zack, Jenn and William said...

I agree with you and Melissa... the book is always better. Now, if only I had time to read a book :) We have virtually no Russian in our household now, and if Zack & I speak any, William quickly tells us "You go back Ukraine!"

Glad things are going well. Summer is almost here!!!

Alan said...

Time flies like an arrow, fruitflies like a banana. Hehe. Your success story helps keep us going. That and a weird sense of humor.

junglemama said...

Kristina sounds like she is doing great! Wow! Four in middle school. They grow so fast!

Ashley said...

I agree that Kristina is going to do very well in middle school. I can see her in the drama class doing VERY well! :) And yes, the books are always better!