Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scaredy Cat

School is back in session this week and Spring Break seems like a lifetime ago. We've started a new term and I'm in teacher mode, so my mind is clouded to writing personal stuff. Hopefully I'll be on top of things and able to refocus by the weekend. There's lots more I'd like to share about Kristina and our daily lessons in love and humility. Soon, soon.

I continue to download video clips from the adoption trip and Robert and I have laughed ourselves silly at our foolishness. This is a clip from the JFK airport. It actually precedes the last video we posted.

Now keep in mind, Robert was not happy about flying to Ukraine. He wanted to know how long it would take by boat; that's how much he hates flying. This stems from a flight we took from New Orleans to Atlanta about ten years ago. Horrible experience. The smell of jet fuel was nauseatingly overwhelming and we thought we would pass out before we landed. He hasn't gotten on a plane since. I've been blessed to have lots of travel opportunities though and have flown to places like New York, DC, London, Rome, Ukraine. I assured him that every experience I've had since has been wonderful. I actually like flying and I was sure he would too, but this was Robert's first flight since the bad experience and he was skeptical.

Our flight from Orlando into JFK was great until the landing. The plane wobbled pretty violently right before we touched down and it freaked Robert out. I had to keep a happy face on though because we had two more flight ahead of us that day and I couldn't afford for him to back out. I remember being tired and thinking we had just begun the journey to Ukraine. The uncertainty of what laid ahead was heavy on my heart, but God had given me peace and a guy to laugh at with. Can't ask for much more than that.


Steve Eimers said...

Ha ha! You are funny, guys!

Melissa E.

Nataliya said...

It cracked me up!

Kim said...

Drama queen?! Robert, I've always thought of you as the strong silent type.