Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rubber Slippers Through the Big Toe?

So here is our most recent letter from our sweet daughter:
hello dear Leslie and Robert!
I was very happy to recieve a letter form you. Please send a big hello to grandmother and a grandfather and many thanks for a gameboy. I was very happy to get your presents. I wrote to them as well. You asked me what I need, so i can tell you. Could you please give me some rubber slippers through the big toe. I miss you all very much. I would like to ask you are you coming in April?. Do you remember when you took me to America in summer I asked you whether you will come in April because I have Birthday in April. I also am waiting to play with Katelin. Karina is sending you a big hello as well. and she misses you a lot too. If to be honest that were you who thought me English. I didn't know it before, but only after I was with you I had begun to understand something.
I am praying for you and will be praying always.

Have a good day.

What are rubber slippers through the big toe??? Talk about lost in translation! If you have any clue what she's describing, please let me know! I am so proud that she has been practicing her English. I thought she would have lost so much of what she learned while here in the States, but according to her caretakers she has been working very hard to maintain her new language.

Six months apart is a long time for both of us , so it pains me to hear her ask me to come in April. I desperately want to be with her on her birthday. So how do I explain the logical reason behind not being able to come to her? I would have to use adoption money to afford a trip to Ukraine. Robert (always the voice of reason) reminds me that we have to push towards the goal of having enough to see the adoption through. I can't tell you how excited I am to have half the funds necessary to complete the adoption. But compassion doesn't think in terms of finances and reason. So how do I explain this to her?

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