Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes?

I received not one but two letters from Kristina today. How good it is to "hear" her voice through her letters. A family adopting from her orphanage sent me a few snapshots of her last week. She looks different than the child we sent back last August. She looks like the girl who walked off the plane and into our arms last June, emaciated and timid.

When we were preparing for her arrival last June, I resisted buying things until I knew what she would be bringing. Instead I chose one set of pajamas to get her through her first night. I remember laying the new nightgown on Hannah's bed a few days before Kristina's arrival. It continuously caught my eye as I passed the room. I wondered if she would like it, if it would fit her. Yesterday the same nightgown caught my eye in the store. It was a different color, but it was the same one. I walked past the rack wondering what size she would wear now, and then remembering the photos, backtracked and picked up one in the same size.

In discussing the logistics of finishing paperwork and waiting for an appointment that (best case scenario) may be late summer, but more likely will be fall, the possibility of hosting her again the summer has presented itself. The hosting fees will set us back a little in the adoption finances, but seeing the pictures confirms that it is the right decision. Three months of good nutrition, a safe environment, and loving people far outweighs the $2500 price tag. With an unstable political climate brewing in Ukraine, there are no guarantees. We must act on what opportunities present themselves. With that in mind, we have several specific prayer requests:
  • Pray the adoption system in Ukraine will weather the current political unrest and that families will continue to be allowed to go and seek these lost children
  • Pray that our paperwork will be complete and without error when it is submitted to Ukraine.
  • Pray for a travel appointment that fits into God's plan for our family
  • Pray for the final stretch of adoption finances
  • Pray that Kristina will be allowed to travel and spend the summer with us

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