Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Apostille, not Apostle

Had to explain that one to Robert, "I said apostille, not apostle!" Apparently saying it louder doesn't make the concept any more understandable. Here in the states, we have notaries who verify paperwork as legitimate signed documents. However, the rest of the world can't verify whether American notaries are legitimate, so the Hague Convention created apostilles. An apostille is certificate from the US government that verifies the notaries seals as authentic. Every single form and piece of paperwork included in our adoption dossier muct have its own apostille. I am at the point where I am gathering my paperwork and preparing it for its trip to the Florida Dept of State for apostilling. Apostilling is not cheap; each apostille costs $10.00. I won't complain too much though, Florida is cheap compared to other states. Our friend Tami is in the same place as us with the process. Pray that this last leg can be accomplished quickly. Once its done, everything goes to Ukraine!

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Tami said...

All we have left is Missouri and it should be there tomorrow. Whew! I think I need a big hunk of chocolate! :)