Sunday, June 03, 2007

Reality TV

I just saw an advertisement for a program that ran last summer: America's Got Talent. The new season is starting soon. While I'm a fan of some reality shows, this one definitely isn't my taste. Kristina was in her first week of settling in during last summer's hosting program and the children were still away at camp. Fresh from her bath, she was snuggled into the chair-and-a-half with me enjoying command of the remote control. As she surfed the cable free options we have to choose from, she paused on the premier of America's Got Talent and was instantly mesmerized. Thinking she would believe this was a sampling of real Americans, I encouraged to find something else to watch. LOL! What would she think of the people from our country??? But the jugglers, acrobats, singers, dancers, and magicians were fascinating to her. "I do that!" she would declare. We would laugh at her as she hopped up to try the dance moves. She watched the zany series through its finale. We'd watch it for another season if we could see her reactions again!

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