Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pictures from Kiev

Just a word of advice to those bringing a camera on your adoption journey (and you should!). I brought my beloved SLR camera and it has been quite the burden. I brought a similar camera on my previous trip and it was okay because I was in the orphanages all day, out of the weather, and where I had time to consider the shots before I took them. Its a whole different thing when you're here to adopt. Bring a point and shoot camera that you can easily slip in your pocket or shoulderbag, not something you have to remove lens covers for and unlock equipment bags everytime you want to shoot something. There's simply not time on this type of whirlwind trip. Plus, if you have a newer point and shoot, chances are you can take short video clips and pack even lighter by leaving your camcorder at home. Just my two cents. Sorry for the dark photos; I don't have access to camera software on this computer. (:P U)


adopting2fromUkraine said...

The pictures look great to me. I wonder if the people who see these sites all the time realize how beautiful they are? Those gold domed churches are stunning!

Kristen said...

AWWWW YOU TOOK THE PICTURE OF THE FOOTBALL STADIUM FOR ME RIGHT!? lol i know you thought of me when you saw it :) and AHH i see you took pics of dusty the pony also. hahaha.

junglemama said...

What great pictures!