Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shrinking World

I can't believe how quickly time has passed since we learned of our SDA appointment date. We leave on Sunday and my head is spinning with the details of it all. There are three half packed suitcases in the floor of our bedroom. The entire process seems completely out of my grasp and I find myself talking to God a lot more in the countdown.

My best friends rescued me with that much needed Starbucks break. We sat around sipping our drinks, catching up on recent events, and discussing what's coming. I love these women. They're full of wisdom, advice, and encouragement. I will miss their presence while I'm in Ukraine.

The blog world seems to be shrinking some. Our friends the Wollschlagers actually managed to get on the same flight as us out of JFK, so Theresa and I can chat to our hearts content on the way to Eastern Europe. We're also staying in the same Kiev hotel. We have a dinner date in Kiev with the Fischers who are going to adopt their girls and have an appointment the same day as us. I am thankful to have the time of fellowship with both of these families before we go to our separate regions to bring our children home. In Odessa we'll be able to meet Natalyia and Oleg who will be coming a few days behind us. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity for dinner and boot comparisons. As much as I would love to meet up with Sean and Tracey, I pray they are out of Odessa long before we get there. Maybe our paths will cross in Kiev on their way out. As exciting as it will be to meet face to face with many of the people we've communicated with via the internet in the last year, I'm beginning to feel anxious about the journey. Jim emailed me tonight to remind me that Christ has gone before us. That helps tremendously. Thanks, Jim.


Melissa E. said...

Sounds like a regular ol' party!!

Can you believe it?!! After all this work and worry and waiting, the time is just about here. Your daughter awaits!!

We'll be praying and thinking of you!

Nataliya said...

Oh, how exciting to be on the same flight! I truly hope to meet you in Odessa, wouldn't it be great?

I can't imagine how you feel right now - I'm freaking out already, even though I still have the whole month to go...

Take a deep breath and think positively! All of us are thinking about you guys! Good luck!

Tami said...

Wow! Sunday! Wow!
How wonderful that you and the Wollschlagers will be on the same flight. All those home connections will be wonderful. I'm hoping we'll be able to connect with Mark and Courtney while we're there. Their appointment is one day ahead of ours. Other than that I need to do some checking to see if I can find some traveling buddies! :)
If we don't 'talk' before you leave, I want you to know we are praying for you. Praying for your family at home and praying for your daughter!
God is going before you to make the way straight...enjoy the ride! :)

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Oh wow, it's almost here! I can't wait to read about Kristina's reaction when she sees that you've arrived to take her home. Have fun with the Wollschlagers. Theresa is such a sweet & kind woman of God - she has an amazing heart. I know you will both bless each other during your fellowship time on the plane.
Praying that your last few days are productive and not too stressful.

Antonina said...

Hi Leslie!
Im so happy that you finally going to Ukraine I will pray for your journey and may God keep you safe. Ive heard from my cousin its getting cold in Ukraine so bring warm water-snow proof jackets sweaters and warm socks...Say Hi to Kristina from me and tell her that Im thinking about her, she shall be happy in US. I have a good news God blessed me with a baby boy Im almost 5 months pregnant, and feel good....
If you ever need help with Russian translation let me know my email
Take care, and may God Bless you for your kind heart.
Psalm 25:21 May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you.

Anonymous said...


My name is Joy Rae. I found your blog through the many others I have come across. I was trying to find anyone else out there in the "blog world" that is adopting from Ukraine! My husband and I leave for our appt on Nov. 12th!

Just wanted to say good luck!! Maybe our paths will cross!

Ken and Joy Rae

Kimbell and Mark said...

wow - you're on your way. I'm so excited for you. I'm praying for a smooth trip - I'll be checking on your while you're over there! Now get her HOME!!!!!

jill meaux said...

Hi Leslie!
Congratulations on being so close to the big day!! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to seeing how excited Kristina will be when you arrive!

adoptedthree said...

Godspeed and take lots of pictures!!!

Lucia said...

Robert & Leslie, taking a moment to say we are praying for your safe travel, a speedy process and a WONDERFUL reunion with your daughter!! We are excited for you and Kristina! and looking forward to picture and video!

God surrounds us with people who are a support and a blessing! I spoke with Theresa the other day and think that it's really cool that you will be able to meet Mark & Theresa, as well as possibly meet Oleg & Nataliya.

Keeping all of you in prayer!

The O'Haras said...

I am excited that you leave tomorrow. I know that there are a lot of challenges before you as many have walked before you, hopefully even paving the way a bit. I know that I closely followed Jim's blogs while preparing to come and they helped me with fellowship and knowledge. I hope to follow yours as he has now followed ours. To look back and know what you are going through and to be able to pray because of that bond we all share from going through the same journey.

Lord Bless and I pray for encouragement for you and that the time will fly by.

Robb said...

So happy to see your leaving on your Ukraine Journey. Have a great time. It's so nice seeing these children being adopted and coming home to a wonderful family and good life.

Tami said...

We're praying! I can't wait to hear about your reunion with Kristina!!!

Kristen said...

HEYYY YOUR GOING TO MISS ME TOO NOT JUST..AAHHEEMM THEM BEST FRIENDS..YOU KNOW YOU MISS MEEE haha :) i cant wait to se emy little siste.r hahaha :-D