Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hook, Line, and Sinker

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The Landrums are a fishing family. We all love to stand on the dock and spend a lazy afternoon casting into the water. Robert decided it was time to initiate Kristina into our family tradition. When I told her where we were going, she got a little teary eyed. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I don't know how." Not a problem!

We spent some time at a creek where she cringed as the boys baited her hook for her. Although she wouldn't touch the worms, it didn't take long for her to get the casting down.
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The creek was disappointing and so we packed up the tackle box and headed to Lake Lotus Park. We had the fishing pier to ourselves and the kids had a ball, not one complaint about the heat or the bugs. When he got a bite on his line, Robert called Kristina over and let her reel in the fish.
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After we had exhasuted our bait, we hiked back to the entrance of the park to wait for the shuttle. The park ranger pulled up and stepped out of his vehicle with two baby alligators. It seems Hannah had a conversation with one of the rangers on our way into the park and told her about Kristina. The ranger had brought the baby gators just for Kristina to see and touch. He gave us his card and invited us back to the office later in the week to see all the animals they house in the ranger's station!
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Kim said...

Leslie you know I am NOT the outdoor type - so when Alex discovered the pathetic, half broken rods in our garage and proceeded to fix them with scotch tape I was not exactly enthused. Being the supportive, hands-on parent that I am I let Alex and Joey go to the park a few blocks away and try their luck. They had a ball and finally called me to come see how they had done. I DID mind the heat and the bugs but have never seen two boys as persistant as they were to hook the tiniest fish in the lake with stale bread. Fish must be the most stupid of God's creatures because they "took the bait"! The turtles however didn't even need a scrap of bread to bit the hook. Everyday after that I was inundated with one of Alex's few english words "fish"? It's great to see your boys caring for Kristina, still teasing her as seems to be the natural order between boys and girls, and accepting her into their world without question or the complications we as adults can't seem to get past like "what comes next?" or "am I doing the right thing?". This is the easy part - ENJOY!

patti said...

HAHAHA!! "being the supportive and hands-on parent that I am" Kimberly, you make me LAUGH!!!!! You are so self depreciating and dont give yourself enough credit!
Les, I laughed out loud at the Kristina faces...she is HILARIOUS!!! And you are amazing, cause taking five kids to FISH at Lake Lotus in the heat of Florida summer is my own version of hell! What a fun mom you are!!!

rachelbradley said...

so, mrs. landrum... (now that someone FINALLY told me about this blog...because i had no idea about it) emily, blair, and i want to come visit you and kristina. we want to see you both and come by and say hi! :)