Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday to Who?

God is amazing. I am seeing Him move in so many places. If you haven't checked the total on the adoption lately, those numbers went up a little more today. Stephanie, one of our students, had a birthday party this weekend. This morning she showed up in my classroom to tell me about it. It sounded like the usual fun silliness that comes with these type of parties: ice skating, friends, etc.

One element was missing from this party though. In lieu of gifts, Stephanie asked her friends to bring donations for a charity. I was impressed. As I was thinking about how "outside of the box" that decision was, she handed me an envelope. It was one of those moments where you have to choose to compose yourself or resign to looking like a racoon for the rest of the day. She had taken a poster board and made a giant card out of it. On the front were pictures of my sweet girl, inside were messages from many of the students who had donated money. How much money?


Yeah, I was stunned too. It's as though I can hear God joyfully whispering to me, "Just wait. See what I will do!"


patti said...

Nice to have you back in the blogsphere!
Wasnt that something with Stephanie today? I love it! Know what else I loved...that even though this is for Kristina...God is changing different people little by little! I did see Jesus today!

patti said...

oh, and pardon me, but shouldnt your title read "Happy Birthday to WHOM??"

Leslie said...

Ha! I'm off duty Diva! Don't make me go over YOUR blog writing with a red pen!!!