Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Called Out

Last night was Convocation, the official kick-off of the school year. Our principal called the teachers forward to introduce us to the gathered crowd of parents and students. To make things interesting, he asked us to introduce ourselves, tell what we taught, how many children we had, and the hobbies we enjoyed. Sounds simple enough, right? But with only 4 people between me and the microphone, my mind began to race. How many children? You'd be amazed at the debate that went on in my mind in that 60 seconds before it was my turn. I stepped forward and said, "Hi, my name is Leslie Landrum. I teach all of English 9 as well as Research & Composition to the entire Freshmen class. Children? . . . I have five children. Twin boys in fifth grade, two daughters in fourth grade, and a son in third grade." I could hardly believe I said it.

The remainder of the evening was filled with meeting and greeting, but my mind was stuck on what I had said. On the drive home I came to the conclusion that perhaps avoiding the title of "Mom" has not only been to protect Kristina, but to also protect myself.

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