Thursday, August 17, 2006

Counting the Minutes

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Kristina started school this past Wednesday and I worried how she would hold up in a new environment with new people. When I picked her up after school, she was still in one piece and had lots to say. I asked her if she liked school she said, "I do not know yet." She talked about what a "good woman" her teacher Mrs. Wilgus was and how she had made a friend. But I know the structure of the school day had worn on her. She will miss out on so much when she returns to the orphanage in a few days. I think the structure of Mrs. Wilgus' classroom and spending time with the children in her class would have helped her make some social adjustments that we haven't made a lot of progress with this summer.

Only eleven days before she returns to her life in Ukraine. She has experienced so much and has been blessed by all of you over the summer. With so short of time left, I hope you will understand how much we covet the time we have left together as a family. Next week will be Kristina's last and we will try to slip away for some alone time next weekend. Pray for Kristina, the children, Robert, and me as we prepare for this transition.

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