Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Reflective Kristina

When I picked the girls up from volleyball camp today, Kristina had the same excited disposition. She proudly showed me a set of colorful hairbands she had won at camp. I doubt if anyone knew how much something so simple meant to her. She and Hannah sat in the backseat playfully groaning about their sore legs. "Look, Leslie! Look at my legs," she requested, "People at internot call me skeleton. But no more! Look at my legs!" Indeed she has gained weight in the 7 weeks she has been here. She is still small, but the difference in her appearance is obvious because of a nutritional diet.

She stared out the window on the way home. "Leslie? I am happy. Why am I so happy?" I smiled to myself at her reflection. "I don't know, Kristina. You tell me why you are happy," I replied. "I don't know," she said still staring out the window, "Everything. Everything."

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