Saturday, June 02, 2007

Living Vicariously

The blog world has created an interesting phenomenon for adopting families. Many of us are now journaling our experience through the process online. The concept remains controversial as some would argue over legal and privacy issues, but there is real value in recording these events not only for ourselves but for others. Undoubtedly, PAP's (Potential Adoptive Parents) can search the web and find another family's blog not only on the country that they're adopting from, but often the city and specific orphanage. Contained therein is priceless information on the conditions and customs of that area of the world. But perhaps more valuable is the experience of the family writing the blog. We get an honest view of the process and learn what to expect and not expect. We are blessed to live vicariously through the experience of another adoptive family. We experience the joy of seeing a child that will be their son or daughter for the first time and glean wisdom from the mistakes they make.

The Hales are in Ukraine now adopting their two beautiful daughters; both girls happen to be at Kristina's orphanage. Imagine our gratitude when they sought out our child to love on her and remind her that her family was coming soon. I am thankful for the families that have gone before us and allowed us to learn through their experience. You have made the path smoother for all of us.

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patti said...

I cant wait for you to be in that of picking up your daughter and giving love and news to others who will soon have families. Its close...I cannot WAIT to read of your own journey to Ukraine again. xoxo P